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“We would like to thank our podcast sponsors who make these free podcasts possible.”

'Bluey' Santa's New Recruit! The first in a fun adventure series for the young and young at heart!

The first colorful ebook comes with a free mp3 audio book which is also available on CD that has fun sound effects and a fun self esteem sing-a-long song for kids "I Can Do It" by Michele Blood. Bluey a Blue Kangaroo becomes Santa's newest recruit. Find out how Santa delivers to high-rise apartments with no chimneys and how to make your wishes come true! Bluey becomes a hero and saves the world's 'Wish Connections' from 'The No Ho-Ho-ers'. Bluey teaches children how to draw on inner strengths! Bluey is sure to become a classic family favorite for the new millennium! Enjoy all year round! Instant download delivery with free bonuses available for you right now!

Visit:, the unique way to have fun and save money by shopping on line. Three Unique Auctions where the price of brand new top quality products goes down rather than up. A great selection of products is available for men, women & children. Join one of our CollectiveX communities and receive 5 free credits (worth $4.00) to try out the fun unique auctions that set Dubli apart from any other shopping experience. Look for the Dubli button. Click on it and you're on your way to a wonderful new way to shop.

Good Politics Radio is an internet, non-partisan radio show. The broadcast you will hear have been produced by their source. Good Politics Radio has not and will not edit the contents of the broadcast. At Good Politics Radio we believe in 'No Spin'. You, the listener, will determine what is being said without any influence from Good Politics Radio. Visit our site at GoodPoliticsRadio.

MoodSeerMoodSeer, by Magic Home Entertainment, a system designed to bring instant gratification to music lovers and collectors. MoodSeer allows you to choose the songs from your library of music to suit your mood. A wireless touch screen gives you total control of what you want to hear from each room in your home. Information and a video tour of MoodSeer is available at

Natural Health

Dr. Christine HornerDo you know you have the power and ability to influence your state of health more than you ever imagined? Well, you do…. Your choices every day significantly influence your chances of staying healthy, or developing a disease, such as cancer. The problem is that most of us don’t know precisely what we should do–or avoid—to create and maintain radiant health. My passion is teaching the keys to extraordinary health.

To learn more Go to my web site And download my weekly podcast: Natural Health Yak at</

HoHoHo FactorHoHoHo Factor CD

Christmas trivia, insights, traditions, symbols, meanings, history & more! by Bernadette Dimitrov, The HoHoHo Expert!

Have you ever wanted to know the real meaning and spirit of Christmas? What about discovering some fun, whacky and joyous celebrations, traditions and customs from around the world that you could even introduce into your celebrations? And what about discovering insights about symbols and their inspirational meanings? Well it's all in 'The HoHoHo Factor' which also introduces a modern-day Santa Claus who exposes his creeds and blessings for transformation (if you loved 'The Secret' you'll love modern-day Santa!) Plus powerful intensions are shared that Santa declares each Christmas at 7 minutes to mid-night - you'll want to share these minutes with your family for love, peace and blessings on earth! Plus revealed is 'The HoHoHo Factor' - yes why Santa Ho Ho Ho's and the amazing benefits for you! This is an e-book and audio book - it's perfect for everyone from Grandpa to Auntie to your neighbor and friends and it's perfect to share with your children. Christmas insights for everyone to enjoy! Visit:




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