A Top Professional Real Bearded Santa Claus Performer

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Mrs Claus Visits Santa Carlucci! Today we get up close & personal with A Top Professional Real Bearded Santa Claus Performer who brings a jolly quick wit, a sense of humor & the magic of Christmas & the North Pole alive all year round! He’ll be at the Celebrate-Santa Convention in Tennessee USA March 2009 – Listen in to Find out More!

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Santa Carlucci Santa Carlucci Sleigh
Santa Carlucci! .....and in his famous sleigh!
Our special guest today is Carl Immediato better known as the famous and much loved Santa Carlucci! Santa Carlucci is a top professional real bearded Santa performer with over a decade of experience behind him. Working all year round this old reindeer driver has appeared in front of thousands of children and Christmas holiday partygoers in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in the USA as well as on TV and in print. He’s performed at large corporate parties of 500 or more to home visits, hospitals and fund raising events. Many delight in seeing Santa Carlucci drive his other 'sleigh' around Minneapolis bearing the number plates C SANTA license with a Naughty and Nice Inspector on Board bumper sticker! He’s known for his jolly quick wit and 'on the fly' North Pole anecdotes which make his performances and visits unique, fun and truly a memorable experience for all. Santa Carlucci brings the spirit and excitement of Santa Claus and the North Pole alive. Santa Carlucci's website: www.yoursantatoo.com/ Santa Carlucci's Minnesota Santa's Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/minnesotasantas/ Breaking Christmas Event News for March 2009! Join Santa Carlucci and Mrs Claus (yes our very own Bernadette Dimitrov from Australia will be joining the festivities in the USA) Come meet Mrs Claus and Santa Carlucci and say Hi! For more information on this awesome fun event: http://celebratesanta.com/
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