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Hi Dear Friends!

I just love Christmas and especially sharing some of the fun trivia and celebrations that go on around the world.  I was invited to speak for one hour on Coast to Coast AM radio on Christmas day in the USA with George Noory (Host) and it was fun having callers ask questions. As I am in Melbourne Australia it was actually the day after Christmas for me.  I was so honored to share a subject that I love.  I was delighted to be asked why we clink glasses at Christmas (I get asked this a lot) and it is because it comes from our very fearful pagan ancestors who thought that when they were drinking alcohol they were more susceptible to being invaded by evil spirits and the clinking of glasses would repel them (as they believed evil spirits did not like noise of any kind) and they could continue their merry making with out any fear!  HoHOHo!  Many emailed me after the interview with more questions and it was such a delight to interact and make new friends with others who love this holiday as much as I do.

I love spending Christmas day with my family and sharing lots of fun Christmas trivia and even partaking in some traditions from other countries.   I always end my Christmas day with inner reflections where I spend time in a room on my own with a lit candle saying prayers of gratitude for all that I have and for the blessings of being in this world.  The following is a special blessings that I always do on Christmas eve and on Christmas night and each night for the 12 holy nights of Christmas.  It is a special blessings said by Santa Claus and  I start by imagining that I am way up high riding in Santa's sleigh around the world and here is the special prayer and blessings that I say with Santa Claus:

"Great wishes are scattered beneath this starry sky to all our brothers and sisters on this eve of the birth of new beginnings. These seeds of hope, great dreams for unity, peace and freedom are too the seeds of remembrance to live in gratitude, to embrace together in peace, love, forgiveness and acceptance. The seeds to move the human race forward and connect all people hand in hand together as one! Take hold new seedlings, embed and grow in the hearts of each one young and old beneath this starry sky this night!"


Do you have a special ritual or way of spending your Christmas eve, Christmas day or the 12 days of Christmas?


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