Mrs Claus visits Peter Melton, Author, Master Story Teller & Spiritual Activist

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Mrs Claus visits Peter Melton Author, Master Story Teller & Spiritual Activist Whose work is shifting personal & global consciousness from the belief of separation to oneness by remembering how deeply connected we all are! Today Discover insights & wisdom re oneness! Peter will also read his spiritual fable called ‘Waves of Oneness” a tale of two waves remembering they are one! A spiritual concept made simple for children yet a lesson we all need to discover for happiness & peace in our own lives & on the planet!

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Peter Melton
Our special guest today is Peter Melton, author, master story teller and spiritual activist aiming for a culture of peace on the planet. He shares his passion through the spirited fables he writes, through his campaign for a new Unified Peace sign, his work on projects such as the Chico earth flag project and previously through his role as co-creator and marketer of unique campaign strategies for artists and authors. He has worked on campaigns with many of the big names in the new thought movement, from Neale Donald Walsch, Pathways to Peace and James Twyman, to James Redfield and the Go Gratitude Experiment and the Oneness Minute project. Peter’s work is shifting personal and global consciousness from the belief of separation to oneness by remembering how deeply connected we all are. Today Peter will share insights and wisdom re oneness and as a special gift he’ll read his spiritual fable called ‘Waves of Oneness” a tale of two waves remembering they are one. A spiritual concept made simple for children yet a lesson we all need to discover for happiness & peace in our own lives and on the planet! Peter is an inspirational light in our world gently guiding us to a place of oneness and conscious transformation personally and globally. Here are some of Peter's stories & insights for you to enjoy: Peter reading 'Waves of Oneness': Trick or Treat Fable - The Secret of Halloween: Unified Peace Sign & Symbol - Fascinating insights: Great ideas from our friends at Amazon: Ask Mrs Claus a question segment: Uta from Bremen, Germany asks Mrs Claus:
"’What’s something unique in Australia at Christmas time?"
Mrs Claus has done some research and you'll probably be very surprised - so listen in!

Send your questions to This Weeks Magic Secret segment: "You will find yourself refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. Why not make earnest effort to confer that pleasure on others? Half the battle is gained if you never allow yourself to say anything gloomy." Lydia M. Child 1802-1880, Abolitionist and Writer Win a Prize Segment: For this months prize Write to Mrs Claus and tell her what is your favorite Christmas tradition and at the end of the month Santa’s head elf WinterWhite will pull a name out of the hat and Bluey Santa’s new recruit will announce the winner! The winner will be announced on the show. This month’s prize is a copy of the world’s best Christmas eBook & audio book ‘The HoHoHo Factor’ - everything you’ll love to know and share about Christmas! For your chance to win email Mrs Claus with your name, your country and what song or music is your favorite at Christmas: Email:

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