Mrs Claus Visits Santa Ian - Up Close and Personal

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Special Christmas Series Podcast!

Mrs Claus Visits Santa Ian one of the few Real Bearded Santa’s in Australia! Up Close and Personal with an Aussie Santa who dons the virtual red suit 365 days a year! An uplifting holiday interview with fun and enchanting festive insights!

“Conversations with Mrs Claus” Weekly Inspirational, Transformational & Fun Podcast Show! Join friends in more than 90 countries each week with Your Host Mrs. Claus! (aka Christmas Author & Speaker Bernadette Dimitrov)

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Santa Ian Santa Ian
Santa Ian Special Hi Five moment! Adelaide, Australia Santa Ian A warm & special Santa hug!
Our special guest today is Santa Ian who has been bringing Joy and Love and Hugs to children of all ages since he first put on the Red Suit back in 2003. Since then he has done many visits in many places, malls, events, parks, hospitals and family homes. He is one of the very few real bearded Santa's in Australia and as such is often recognised when out in the community, maybe it is the beard, maybe it is the twinkle in his eye or maybe it’s his ready warm smile. He carries on a tradition from his father who was a small-town Santa in Yankalilla and Victor Harbor, country towns in South Australia, back in the '70s and '80s. Though the costumes of today and the flowing white beard are a far cry from the basic costume and wig worn a few times a year back in those days. Santa Ian is a Santa 365 days a year and holds membership in a number of International Santa organisations. These help him be a part of a global Santa network where ideas are shared and support given to others. It is through these international networks that he found the ideas and strength to evolve his Santa role to a real bearded Santa and to reach out to work in hospitals and hospices. The networks also led him to gain a working role in a large theme park in Japan as Santa Claus! He strongly believes in the power of Love and recognises that being a true Santa has to start in the heart first, the Red Suit is just part of the trappings. Santa Ian is also the contact for the Australian affiliation with Santa Ian is based in Adelaide, Australia Email: Ask Mrs Claus a question segment: Send your questions to Bruce from Canberra, Australia asks Mrs Claus: "Where did the tradition of clinking glasses at Christmas come from?" Mrs Claus has done some research and you'll probably be very surprised - so listen in! This Weeks Magic Secret segment: Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas. - Dale Evans Win a Prize Segment: For this months prize Write to Mrs Claus and tell her what is your favorite Christmas tradition and at the end of the month Santa’s head elf WinterWhite will pull a name out of the hat and Bluey Santa’s new recruit will announce the winner! The winner will be announced on the show. This month’s prize is a copy of the world’s best Christmas eBook & audio book ‘The HoHoHo Factor’ - everything you’ll love to know and share about Christmas! For your chance to win email Mrs Claus with your name, your country and what song or music is your favorite at Christmas: Email:

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